Push To Talk Ver.2

Push to Talk


Push to Mute

The most common application for this box is for the “Voice of God” microphone at the stage manager’s desk, or as a cough switch in a broadcast booth. The Mode switch also allows the user to toggle ON, and stay ON, instead of using the momentary switch.

This product is made with the highest quality components.

  • Solid aluminum case rejects electromagnetic interference.
  • Vandal & weather resistant professional control equipment switches will withstand years of abuse.
  • Neutrik connectors. The industry standard.
  • Filled with industrial grade electrical compound, making it rock solid for extended life.

The AudioMan® Push to Talk Ver.2 will work with dynamic microphones as well as phantom powered condenser microphones wired with balanced 3 pin connectors. Under normal conditions, this switch will not introduce a click or pop when activated. 

- Momentary On or Momentary Mute –

- Toggle On or Toggle Mute -

 The AudioMan® Push to Talk Ver.2 is sold with a full parts and labor Warranty for One Year from date of purchase.

 AudioMan® is a Registered Trademark

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Push To Talk Ver.2

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